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Furniture to be displayed in houses should be of the highest quality and no compromises should be made on the styles, colors and the looks that the furniture gives to your house. People who want to quirk up their houses and want something different and new for their houses should go for cane, wicker or rattan type of furniture. There are many professionals who provide not only furniture’s and relatable accessories but also cane repairs of all sorts are done by them. Manufacture and custom made furniture according to the needs of the customer are also one of the features of this service. Both indoor and outdoor furniture is available for your homes made to custom.

The material used in making furniture, a method of weaving is done on the chairs or tables with rattans or canes. Rattan is used because of its superior quality and high-class finish. Apart from all this renovation and repairing of your existing furniture can also be done by repairing all the damage or the elastic strapping which has been sagging cane be replaced, frames can be cleaned, reacquired, cane seats repaired, antique cane restorations, all hand-laced cane work, cane handmade to customers requirements and can even be re-colored. Anything the customer want can be done and a makeover can be given to the existing sets without replacing the whole set.

People wanting to get outdoor furniture now do not need to think about covering them every time the weather takes a turn, and so weatherproof furniture and cushions are also available which can remain outside without worrying about the weather and it being damaged. The fabric for outdoor cushions is made by weaving from solution-dyed acrylic fibers which are the best material for outdoor furniture. The colors hold very fast in time and are highly resistant to UV rays, grease and water and are very low on maintenance which makes it ideal for placing outdoors. For those who want to increase the durability of the furniture placed outside the wood should be treated with a timber preservative and regular oiling should be done to make it last longer.

LOG BASKETS – you can use log baskets from a variety of designs and from traditional to modern styles. The materials which are used in the making of log baskets are a cane and sea grass. The colors available for cane are either natural grey or kubu color. There are a variety of materials you can store inside these baskets like firewood or storing blankets or throwing your laundry in it. These are available in a range of sizes suitable for your home types.

Cane screens to part your rooms or certain sections of the rooms can also be given for made to order according to any requirements of the customer. Apart from all this, customers can even buy raw materials of cane core, Chinese mesh, cane peel and seagrass rope. For the use of weaving cane core or cane, beading can be used for making baskets or securing cane mesh panels for seats or for other types of furniture. The material supplied is in either meter or by kilograms. Chinese mesh is used in making chairs and also other furniture for a unique type of designing. They can also be used as decorative art panels in rooms or commercial places.

The customers can even get themselves custom made cushions for the dining sets and your lounge sets or any other extra loose cushions the customer wants. The materials used in making these cushions are Warwick Fabrics, Wortley, and Zepel fabrics. Also, three different types of seat foams are available according to the preferences of the consumers namely hard, medium and soft.

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