How to Increase the Life of Your Wooden Furniture

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Wood is a timeless vintage, it have been a prestigious possession since time unknown.The resilience of wood teamed up with its unfailing durability has eventually made it one of the most widely-used materials that impeccably match every ambience.Owing to the rapid deforestation guess wood will be not just a style statement but status symbol in near future. All these do emphasize more on taking utmost care of your wooden collection; from furniture to interior décor to outdoor patio wood is known to radiate a cooling and relaxing effect around.Where there is a piece of timber it deserves the royal treatment to retain its vivacity and charm.

The basics of wood restoration start with simple dusting followed by thorough scrubbing with sand paper to rip-off the old coatings.Polishing is the integral part that needs to be completed immediately after the peel and has to be done pretty craftily as well.However it is equally important to apply wood preservatives to ensure waterproofing and termite treatment to avert pest invested deteriorations.

How to optimize dusting and scrubbing?

The Prepare the wood by dusting off any dirt or debris, a clean, dry towel or rags is enough to wipe off make sure you do it in with the grain direction. For enhanced cleaning you can also employ vacuum suction. Next comes coarse scrubbing but before that make sure you’ve undertaken any repair if at all needed in your wooden furniture. Sand paper is enough to serve the purpose, however put a little more pressure while rubbing and do it against the grain.

What should be used for polishing?

Oil is a constituent which has no substitute in treatment of wood, no matter what chemicals you choose. Do not choose varnishes that create a top layer only instead of soaking in and incorporate melted beeswax for a more glossy finish. Tung oil is the best available product in market if you can afford its high price and tolerate hours of drying time. Never use solvent for cutting boards and other kitchen applications that can be directly involved with food ingestion, instead opt for mineral oil, or coconut, walnut, or almond oil. Resent water-based finishes are pocket friendly and easy to apply as well but offers short-term preservation. Synthetic products with linseed oil as base provides the dual advantage of reasonable price as well as long-term protection; however Boiled linseed oil (“BLO”) is associated with poor water resistance and turns yellow over time.

What is to be done for additional protection?

Timely maintenance is the ulterior measure that needs to be adopted to abolish rot and decay. Nonetheless water repellent properties could be enhanced by solvent coating; further pesticides and insecticides are a must in case of wooden outdoor structures especially fences. A layer of paint can both cater to appearance and longevity of your favourite wooden deck. Use polyurethane to safeguard against scratches.

Along with the list of things to be done there are a few things that are to be avoided to breathe life to your wooden assets and make them thrive for quite a substantial period of time. Like anything carved out of wood should be shaded from direct sunlight, place as many drapes, blinds or awnings as possible to ensure minimum exposure. A safe distance from heat-producing objects will reduce chances of cracks as optimum humidity will be maintained. Lastly “no dragging”; woods are awfully sophisticated and deserves to be treated accordingly to maintain its flawless appeal.

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