How To Tell The Value Of Your Glass

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Glass, just like any material in the home, can be super valuable. How it is made, where and when, is going to have an impact on the value of the glass. So how do you distinctly tell whether the glass in your home – from the mugs to the windows, from the shower screen to the kitchen glass splashbacks in your Melbourne home – is worth the value?

So we did some research and along the way, we came across a leading glass replacement and repair expert. So after speaking to Matthews Glass, we have the three ways in which you can tell (and if you are looking get glass replacement in Melbourne then speak to them!)

The Year It Was Made 

When it comes to certain materials, the year it was manufacture matters a lot. Why is the case with glass? Because it highlights the quality of the product. If you’ve had a glass plate since the 1950’s that’s telling you it’s been in premium condition for over 70 years now. That tells you: it’s magnificent quality. The year your glass items are created will highlight the quality. The older; the better. But don’t dismiss newly made glass (especially if it made by a premium manufacturer – more on that below) because it will tell you that the glass is valuable and will be worth more in future.

The Creator 

Just like anything else in life, there are creators that make great, average and poor quality products. This applies to all types of products, materials and objects. So the same logic applies to glass. There are companies that product cheap quality glass, while others focus on providing the best quality glass on the market. So if you want to tell who made your glass, you have to merely look at it and do some research on the company or person. With that you will be able to tell the quality of your glass.

The Thickness 

You know how you can tell if you have cheap glass in your home? The thickness of the glass! Cheap glass distinctly stands out because it is thin and flimsy. It doesn’t have any strength to it. It breaks down easier than you know and can crack with the faintest hit. But thick glass has that added durability that ensures it will not break or crack easily. The thicker the glass, the better the quality.

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